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Immediate care, also known as urgent care, understands that illnesses don't wait for business hours. Available when you need us most, we bridge the gap between your regular doctor's office and the emergency room, providing swift and convenient medical care for non-emergency conditions.

Understanding Immediate Care: Immediate care facilities specialize in treating conditions that require prompt attention but don't warrant a visit to the emergency room. From minor fractures and burns to high fevers and stitches, our medical teams are equipped to handle a wide array of issues that necessitate swift medical intervention.

The Role of Immediate Care: Immediate care holds a crucial role in the healthcare industry. By delivering fast and easily accessible medical care, we significantly decrease waiting times often associated with hospital emergency rooms. In doing so, we help unburden emergency departments, enabling them to better focus on severe, life-threatening conditions. Additionally, immediate care provides a much-needed alternative when primary care physicians are fully booked or unavailable. Our extended hours, encompassing evenings and weekends, ensure that healthcare is accessible exactly when you need it. Moreover, immediate care often proves to be more affordable than a visit to the emergency room, offering cost-effective treatment for minor to moderate health issues.

Services Offered at Our Urgent Care Facility:

Minor Injuries and Illnesses Treatment: Our immediate care clinic offers comprehensive services for a wide range of minor injuries and illnesses. From treating minor lacerations, sprains, burns, and fractures to attending to common illnesses like cold, flu, ear infections, and skin conditions, we handle numerous conditions daily. Our treatment methodologies are tailored to each patient and their specific condition. Diagnosis is based on an assessment of symptoms and medical history, and when necessary, we carry out lab tests or imaging to confirm. Treatment can range from prescribing medications to wound management or minor procedures, always ensuring the patient fully understands their condition, treatment plan, and any necessary aftercare.

X-rays and Lab Work: Our clinic provides extensive X-ray and laboratory services. We offer different types of X-rays, including chest and bone imaging, and a broad spectrum of lab tests such as complete blood counts, cultures for infections, and urinalysis, among others. These tools provide invaluable insights into your health, aiding in accurate diagnoses, monitoring treatment progress, and ruling out certain conditions.

Stitching: In cases of deep or wide wounds that can't heal naturally, we offer stitching services. After administering local anesthesia to numb the area, our skilled professionals meticulously clean the wound to prevent infection, followed by stitching using either dissolvable or non-dissolvable sutures depending on the wound's nature.

Minor Surgeries: We perform a variety of minor surgeries under local anesthesia, ranging from mole or cyst removal, incision and drainage of abscesses, wound repair, to certain types of biopsies. We ensure patients understand the necessary precautions and aftercare for their surgery, prescribe necessary medications, and schedule follow-up appointments for wound assessment and suture removal if required.

Vaccinations: Our immediate care clinic provides an array of vaccinations for various age groups and risk categories, adhering to regional guidelines. These include routine immunizations such as MMR, flu, and pneumococcal vaccines, as well as travel vaccines. Vaccinations are vital in preventing infectious diseases, minimizing illness risk, and limiting preventable disease spread within the community.

Physicals: We offer numerous types of physical examinations, including annual check-ups, pre-employment exams, and sports physicals. Each type of physical is designed to evaluate an individual's overall health and their suitability for certain tasks or sports. These examinations involve assessing vital signs, a thorough physical check, reviewing medical history, and may include relevant lab tests and screenings. The goal is to gauge your overall health, identify potential issues early, and guide preventive care and lifestyle modifications.

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