Additional Services

Lab Services

At Southern Immediate Care, we offer a wide range of  lab services, many of them with a much shorter wait and lower price than the hospital labs.

Our in-house diagnostic tests include influenza (flu), mononucleosis, strep throat, urinalysis, and INR monitoring to make sure you have the correct diagnosis before you begin treatment. We also offer monitoring tests for diabetics including glucose.

Our employment tests include DOT physicals and blood pressure screening, standard employment physicals, and illicit drug testing. Whichever test you require, Southern Immediate Care will provide prompt, accurate and affordable results.

Southern Immediate Care offers in-house digital x-rays.

If you or a family member has suffered a broken bone, a fracture, or is in need of an x-ray, Southern Immediate Care offers the latest in x-ray technology. In addition to our staff, all of our x-rays are read by a radiologist.