about southern immediate care


We Care About You, And Your Time

We’re here when you need us, because everyone doesn’t get sick between 9 and 5.

Southern Immediate Care’s team of urgent care professionals, under the leadership of Dr. Jason Junkins, provides efficient, family-friendly care in high-quality settings throughout Alabama.

At Southern Immediate Care, we don’t reduce your well-being to a business transaction, and we don’t treat you like you’re on an assembly line. When you entrust us with your healthcare, we hope to build a relationship for years to come.

At Southern Immediate Care, we understand the busy lifestyles our patients lead, at work and at home. You don’t have time to be sick, and you want answers and solutions to your healthcare needs delivered in an efficient and pleasant manner. Our staff provides quality, express care and we hold each other accountable to do our best work, every day.